El_Txef_A – We Walked Home Together Remix Pack III

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[0f0c2] – El_Txef_A – We Walked Home Together Remix Pack III (Limited 12″)

      • Format: 12” – Digital
      • Cat no: 0f0c2
      • Vinyl Release Date: 26th February 2016
      • Beatport Exclusive: 4th March 2016
      • Digital Release Date: 18th March 2016
      • Legal Deposit: BI-14-2016


A1 – El_Txef_A – The Love We Lost feat Woolfy (Reinhard Voigt Remix)
A2 – El_Txef_A – Claim Of Planet Earth (Damian Schwartz Remix)
B1 – El_Txef_A – Mugarrirantz feat Napoka Iria (Dave DK Remix)
B2 – El_Txef_A – Claim Of Planet Earth (El_Txef_A’s Tree Of Life)


Forbidden Colours is proud to announce the final remix pack for El_Txef_A’s sophomore album “We Walked Home Together”.


After 2 remix EPs featuring Eduardo De La Calle, The Black Madonna, Lake People, Ada, HRDVSION and Bostro Pesopeo to name a few, the label is wrapping up the remix triptych with yet another impressive run of artists.


Kompakt co-owner Reinhard Voigt delivers a weird, dry yet easy and acid influenced reinterpretation of “The Love We Lost”. Dave DK is the first one to rework “Mugarrirantz” showing his love for the Basque Country. The song which is written in Euskara, the Basque language is beautifully composed.


Bringing in the analog and classic flavor is Damian Schwartz with a classic mpc sound for “Claim Of Planet Earth”. Finally, El_Txef_A also worked on a reinterpretation giving the same track a mystic feel reminiscent of Orbital’s first albums.


My love wears forbidden colours,
my life believes.
My love wears forbidden colours,
my life believes in you once again.


The vinyl release will be limited to 300 copies.


Mastered by Rashad at Dubplates & Mastering.

Pisua 325 g
Tamaina 32 × 32 × 3 cm
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