1. Every Day Is Blue Monday feat Meggy (Ada Remix)

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After releasing his sophomore long player ‘We Walked Home Together’ through Fiakun, El_Txef_A returns with a series of remix packs on his own newly created label‚ ‘Forbidden Colours’. While the first pack – supported by Chloé and Dixon amongst others – brought us the darkest side of the album, the Basque imprint now explores other textures. From the German cult of Ada, to Hrdvsion’s analog raw sound, the release also includes a smooth and pleasantly weird Bostro Pesopeo rework. Additionally Good Guy Mikesh projects his unique vision on El_Txef_A’s work and Bedouin wraps things up with a mystic and shamanistic feeling. With this second remix pack the label pursuits its aim to be a home for El_Txef_A’s musical adventures and a way of sharing his vision.

Artist: El_Txef_A

Label: Forbidden Colours

Release Date: 13 uztaila, 2015

People: El_Txef_A, Bostro Pesopeo, Good Guy Mikesh, Hrdvsion, Ada, Bedouin, Woolfy, Meggy, Rashad

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